Water Quality

Cal Clarity II Bromine Generator

This is for spa owners with the Cal Clarity II bromine generator.The Cal Clarity II bromine generator automatically generates and releases free bromine into the spa water. You will still need to test for bromine and occasionally adjust it to return the bromine level to the baseline.

Do NOT add chlorine when you use a bromine generator!
This page explains the following topics:


Starting the Spa with Fresh Water

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  1. Fill the spa to the proper water level with normal tap water. (Do not use soft water.) Click here for instructions on draining your spa.
  2. Turn on the spa and allow it to prime. Click here for priming instructions.
  3. Turn on the jets.
  4. Press the Boost button to turn on the Cal Clarity II system. The red ON light should appear steady. If it blinks, make sure the jets are running.
  5. Press and hold the Prog button for two seconds. When the flashing number appears, press the Prog button a second time. An animation will appear, then a number showing the total dissolved solids (TDS) level will be shown.
  6. Add Bromicharge™ to the spa water. Use the table below to determine how much you should use.
  7. Let the spa run for 15 minutes. Leave it uncovered during this time.
  8. Check the TDS level again (described in step 5).
of Bromicharge™
Gallons Liters Pounds Kilograms
300 1135 3.6 1.6
400 1515 4.8 2.2
450 1700 5.4 2.5
500 1890 6 2.7

Use 1.2 lbs. per 100 gallons, or .5 kg per 378 liters.

  1. Set the Maintenance level. Press and hold the Prog button for two seconds. A number will flash showing the Maintenance Mode bromine level. Press the UP or DOWN buttons to raise or lower it. Press the Boost button to return Maintenance Mode.

Use the table below to determine
which level to start at.

capacity (gallons)
300 -400 10
400-500 15
>500 20
  1. Put the cover on the spa and let it run for 24 hours to allow it to heat to desired temperature.
  2. After 24 hours, check TDS level again (as described in step 5). TDS should be between 3 – 5 ppm. If it is too low, raise it in increments of 5 (as described in step 9).

Testing the Water for Bromine

In addition to testing the water for levels of calcium, alkalinity, and pH, you also need to test for bromine and total dissolved solids (TDS). Click here to find out more on chemical balance.

The bromine level should be maintained between 3-5 ppm and can be tested with a DPD test kit, or bromine test strips, found at any spa/pool store.

If the bromine generator does not produce enough bromine, make sure the recommended level of 1440 ppm of Bromicharge™ salt is still present in the spa water. The bromine generator can test the water using the Diagnostic mode. This is described in the “Operating Modes” section below.

If the bromine level is too high, remove a small amount of spa water until the bromine level is between 3-5 ppm. For more immediate results, dilution with fresh water will lower the bromine level.

Minimum Maximum
Bromicharge™ (ppm) 1300 1600
3 5
TDS level 11 14

Cal Clarity II Settings

Before entering the spa, the bromine level should be tested. The bromine generator can only produce bromine when:

- the spa is running,

- Bromicharge™ has been added, and

- the bromine generator is in the proper mode.

ON / Maintenance Mode

Press the Boost button briefly while the jets are running. The system will activate in Maintenance Mode and the word ON will appear on the display.

Adjusting the Maintenance Mode

To adjust the Maintenance Mode bromine level, press and hold the Prog button for two seconds. A number will flash showing the Maintenance Mode bromine level. Press the UP or DOWN buttons to raise or lower it. After seven seconds, the number will stop flashing, meaning the bromine level is active. Press the Boost button to return Maintenance Mode.

Boost Mode

The Boost Mode is used each time you use the spa. Press the Boost button once to activate the Boost Mode. A number with a dash before and after it will flash for about five seconds showing the boost level. This number corresponds to the number of bathers. While the number is flashing, press the UP or DOWN buttons to raise or lower it. When the number stops flashing, the system will remain in Boost Mode.

Using the Diagnostic Mode

Press and hold the Prog button for two seconds. When the flashing number appears, press the Prog button a second time. An animation will appear, and within 10 seconds the TDS level will be shown.

Turning OFF

Press and hold the Boost button for two seconds. The system will shut off and the word OFF will appear on the display.

Operating Modes

Maintenance Mode
Maintenance Mode is the “everyday” mode and is automatically on when the system is activated. Its primary function is to keep the bromine level at a stable and acceptable range when the spa is not being used.

Boost Mode
Use the Boost Mode each time you use the spa. Boost Mode increases the bromine generation rate to attack pollutants in the water. Activating the Boost Mode when you enter the spa will prevent inadequate bromine levels and will regenerate your bromine to the proper residual level.

Diagnostic Mode

The Diagnostic Mode indicates the Bromicharge™ salt level of your spa. This is a useful tool when adding BromiCharge™ to the water. Keep the TDS level indicators in the green zone and value between 11 and 14 for optimal performance.