Unmatched Hydrotherapy
Exclusive Adjustable Therapy System
For hot tubs owners that refuse to compromise on the ultimate hydrotherapy experience, the Adjustable Therapy
System (ATS)
represents the pinnacle in pure relaxation.
allows you to customize your hydrotherapy experience with seven different massage programs easily
accessed by a nearby dedicated control panel. This contoured therapy seat is designed to hug your body’s natural
curves while you relax and enjoy rejuvenating day spa quality massages. The impressive therapy seat features
targeted jets powered by a dedicated variable speed motor that deliver either a rolling, constant or pulsating
pressure – an industry exclusive! Experience the ATS
for yourself and discover new depths of pleasure beyond
anything you have ever dreamed of.
Adjustable Therapy System
The most advanced system in the industry to offer the relaxing deep tissue massages from head to toe.
Targets key stress-prone areas of the body for ultimate relaxation.
Offers seven soothing massage programs
Features an independent pump with 15 hydrotherapy jets for maximum efficiency