Cal Spas Escape

Cal Spas Cascade Waterfall

Tropical Paradise

Cascade Waterfall™

This cascading waterfall will give your hot tub a classic, elegant look.

LED Filter Waterfall™

Keep your hot tub filter discretely hidden behind this beautiful cascading waterfall.

LED Dual Hydrostreamers™

These solid water streams instantly add an exotic touch to your hot tub.

LED Dual Cascading Hydrostreamers™

These cascading water streams will take you away to your own tropical oasis.

LED Dual Cascading Hydrostreamers™

Two Cascading water steams located on the back-center of your spa.

LED Dual Hydrostreamers™

Two solid water steams located on the left & right side of your spa.
Cal Spas LED Dual Streamer
Cal Spas LED Dual Cascading Hydrostreamers™

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