Cal Spas Grand Select

Cal Spas Grand_Select GS970A

Grand_Select GS970A

Seats: 7-8

Dimensions: 93” x 130” x 39 ½“

Water Capacity: 800 gallons [ratingbox]
7-8 Person Spa with 70 Jets
If you enjoy spending your soaking time with friends and family, then the D970A is exactly what you need for your backyard Home Resort. This large outdoor hot tub has enough seating room to accommodate up to eight adults and an impressive 70 spa jets that deliver first-class hydrotherapy massages. You’ll definitely enjoy stretching out in the full-length lounger seat, designed to massage key stress-prone areas of your body. Enjoy this relaxing spa retreat today! [break][/break]

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Customer Reviews

  1. Janet B

    Luxury at its best. This spa has everything especially if you need room and space for a big family. Love it!

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