Replacing the UV lamp in the cure Pure water sanitizer


warning.gif spacer.gif CAUTION: Always turn off power to the spa at the GFCI prior to any maintenance.

Note: Periodically you should the check the light on the transformer for the UV light system. The transformer is mounted in the spa equipment area in a water resistant enclosure with a door. When it is operating normally, the light will be green. When it requires maintenance, it will be red. This usually happens when the UV lamp needs replacing. The UV lamp is a wearable part that needs replacing about once a year.

The Pure Cure UV water sanitizer is not a user-serviceable item and maintenance must be performed by a spa technician. Have your service technician consult the manufacturer’s instruction and service manual.

To remove the UV lamp:


  1. Disconnect power.
  2. Turn water off and open down stream of system to relieve pressure.
  3. Remove the water-proof strainer (1) and unscrew the aluminum nut (2).
  4. Pull out the lamp (4) approximately 2” from the chamber (7).
  5. While holding the lamp end, remove the lamp socket (3) from the end now exposed.
  6. Remove the lamp from the chamber.
  7. Remove the O-ring (5) from the end of the quartz thimble (6).
  8. Remove the quartz thimble.

To reinstall the replacement UV lamp, follow these steps in reverse.

When replacement UV lamp has been installed, conduct a final leak check.

After you restore power to the spa at the GFCI, turn on the pump and let water run for five minutes to check for leaks.

spacer.gif 1    Water-proof strainer
2    Aluminum nut
3    Lamp socket and lead wire
4    Germicidal UV lamp
5    Rubber O-ring
6    Quartz thimble
7    Chamber
8    Clip
9    Ballast

These replacement parts can be orders from

Pure Cure complete system

Germicidal UV lamp (T515)

Rubber O-ring (D24.5)

Quartz thimble (24.5 x 350)

Ballast (UV-3)