Ultimate Fitness™: Swim Spas Swim

10 Person Swim Spa with 70 Jets

Discover unparalleled health and fitness benefits with this two-in-one swim spa. The F1770 features a swim zone for treadmill swimming and separate spa zone for relaxing hydrotherapy soaks. With the F1770 swim spa, you are able to enjoy relaxing massages in the spa zone after a long aquatic workout. With the exclusive SwimJet Propulsion System II™, you can master your stroke against this system’s powerful ribbon jets. Take advantage of the optional Cal Flex™ Fitness Package for swimming, curling, rowing and much more! For all your exercise, entertainment and relaxation needs, there is no substitution for the F1770 swim spa. Enjoy the benefits of unmatched aquatic exercise and hydrotherapy with the F1770 today!


Seating:7 | 3
Dimensions:93" x 200" x 51"
Weight - Dry:2,000 (907 kg)
Weight - Wet/Filled:22,825 (10340 kg)
Water Capacity: 2,500 (9,464 L)

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Gate Valves Yes | Yes
Plumbing Yes


Opt14-X546S - Xi-Sound Stereo System iPod Station with Four (4) 6" Speakers with Subwoofer

TBD - BP2000 with 11kW Heater

Opt14-200 - Additional Auxilary 5.5kW Heater

Opt14-Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Module

Opt14-JPV880 - Exclusive Hi-Light™ Jets, Valves and Cascade Pillows LED Lighting IV*

Opt14-331 - Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve

Opt14-900XL-B - Thermo-Guard™ Full Foam Insulation

Opt14-278 - Tether Bar Kit

Opt14-269-16 - Cal Flex™ Spa Equipment

TBD - Integrated Bluetooth Sound System with Four(4) 6" Speakers with Subwoofer

Opt14-414 - Powered Subwoofer



Cal Spas

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Cal Spas Cabinet

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Cal Spas Synthetic with a natural wood appearance.
Cabinet Colors
Cabinet Colors
Cabinet Colors
Cabinet Colors
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Cal Spas Cover

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Ultimate Fitness™: Swim Spas Series

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