Ultimate Fitness™: Swim Spas Swim

10 Person Swim Spa with 70 Jets

Discover unparalleled health and fitness benefits with this two-in-one swim spa. The F1770 features a swim zone for treadmill swimming and separate spa zone for relaxing hydrotherapy soaks. With the F1770 swim spa, you are able to enjoy relaxing massages in the spa zone after a long aquatic workout. With the exclusive SwimJet Propulsion System II™, you can master your stroke against this system’s powerful ribbon jets. Take advantage of the optional Cal Flex™ Fitness Package for swimming, curling,...


Seating:7 | 3
Dimensions:93" x 200" x 51"
Weight - Dry:2,000 (907 kg)
Weight - Wet/Filled:22,825 (10340 kg)
Water Capacity: 2,500 (9,464 L)

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Gate Valves Yes | Yes
Plumbing Yes


Opt14-X546S - Xi-Sound Stereo System iPod Station with Four (4) 6" Speakers with Subwoofer

TBD - BP2000 with 11kW Heater

Opt14-200 - Additional Auxilary 5.5kW Heater

Opt14-Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi Module

Opt14-JPV880 - Exclusive Hi-Light™ Jets, Valves and Cascade Pillows LED Lighting IV*

Opt14-331 - Cabinet Accessible Drain Valve

Opt14-900XL-B - Thermo-Guard™ Full Foam Insulation

Opt14-278 - Tether Bar Kit

Opt14-269-16 - Cal Flex™ Spa Equipment

TBD - Integrated Bluetooth Sound System with Four(4) 6" Speakers with Subwoofer

Opt14-414 - Powered Subwoofer



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Cal Spas Cabinet

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Cal Spas Synthetic with a natural wood appearance.

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Ultimate Fitness™: Swim Spas Series

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