Inground Spas IG-407

In-Ground IG-407 Spa with 3 Seats 

Dimensions:93" x 202" x 48 1/2"
Water Capacity: 2,500 (9,464 L)

Our largest In-Ground™ Spa, this 2,500-gallon swim spa is the perfect combination of exercise, fun and hydrotherapy. One end features two powerful swim jets that allow you to adjust the current for ideal resistance. Swim as if on an “underwater treadmill”, take a breather on the cool-down seat in the swim zone, or relax exhausted muscles in one of two pampering hydrotherapy seats, a full-length lounger and a contoured bucket seat. A total of 25 jets create a lively whirlpool for fun and splashing.

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Seating 3
Dimensions 93" x 202" x 48 1/2"
Weight - Dry 1,300 (590 kg)
Weight - Wet/Filled 22,125 (10,036 kg)
Water Capacity 2,500 (9,464 L)
Spa Type Bench


Opt14-236-I2 - Cover, Deluxe 3 to 5" (Brown/Gray/Slate)



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