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Resort R862

8’ Spa with 62 Jets

Transform your backyard into the ultimate vacation getaway with the R862 hot tub! With 62 relaxing hydrotherapy jets and contoured bench seating, you and your family will experience a state of relaxation beyond anything you have experienced before. Best of all, R862 spa has been engineered to lower operating costs by using smart technology to lower heating consumption – saving you money! Join the Cal Spas revolution with the R862 today!
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Resort R890L

8’ Lounger Spa with 90 Jets

Turn your backyard into a relaxing family retreat with the R890L hot tub. This breathtaking hot tub features soothing massage therapy jets that will instantly melt your stress away. If you’re looking for a hot tub for private nighttime soaks, the R890L also features an elegant lounger seat with massage therapy jets dedicated to your sore and tired muscles. With seating for up to six adults, this full-size hot tub is the ultimate vacation getaway for you and your entire family!
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Resort R890B

8′ Bench Spa with 90 Jets

Experience the world of pure relaxation and unmatched hydrotherapy with the R890B hot tub. With relaxing spa pillows and 90 high performance hydrotherapy jets, the R890B is guaranteed to take you away to your own private spa getaway. Create a tropical ambiance in your backyard by taking advantage of the available LED lighting and waterfall options. Experience first-class spa treatments firsthand with the R890B hot tub today!
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