Patio Spas

If your patio is where you unwind after an active day, then imagine how a Patio™ Spa can foster ultimate relaxation. Various shapes allow you to easily install the spa in the center of the area, in the corner or wall-adjacent, and can comfortably seat an

Patio Spas Z-524L

3 Person Lounger Spa with 24 Jets

Patio Spas Z-628T

2 Person Triangle Spa with 28 Jets

Patio Spas Z-536L

3 Person Spa with 36 Jets

Patio Spas Z-630L

6’ Lounger Spa with 30 Jets

Patio Spas Z-630B

6’ Bench Spa with 30 Jets

Patio Spas Z-731L

6 Person Lounger Spa with 31 Jets

Patio Spas Z-731B

6 Person Bench Spa with 31 Jets