Technology - Engineered to Last

Electronic Control Center & Heating Elements

Exclusive Green Pack 40/50™

  • The only equipment pack to provide power to multiple jets and heater on standard 40 amp circuit

Energy Savings

  • Cal Spas are always engineered to minimize energy costs from installation to heavy usage
Friction Heat

Friction Heat

  • Generates heat through friction by pumping water through baffle system

  • Automatically heats whenever pump circulates–reducing the need to run additional electrical heat



Exclusive Smart Spa Control Center™

  • State-of-the-art controls make Cal Spas the easiest spa to use

  • Advanced technology automatically keeps spa water at desired temperature


  • Easily choose standard or custom filtration and heating modes to match your specific usage
Cal Spas ATS Motor

Cal Spas Pump

Cal Spas Switchless Motor

Exclusive Pumps

  • Combining the performance and reliability of the wet ends and switchless motors, our pumps are the most efficient in the industry

Reverse Flow Cooling

  • Keeps the motor running cooler while promoting efficiency and extending the life of the motor

Exclusive Switchless™ Motors

  • Switchless™ motors are the most reliable motors with less moving parts

  • Two independent winding speeds maximize efficiency and durably

  • Instant heat eliminates power surges on spa start-up & prevents GFCI tripping

  • Reverse-flow cooling keeps the motor cooler and extends the motor’s life
Cal Spas Eliminator

Exclusive Eliminator ™ Wet End

  • Wash out seal design keeps seal free from debris and eliminates seal failure

  • Provides optimum pumping performance

  • Features Viton™ seal—the strongest seal in the industry—to prevent corrosion, cracks and leaks