hh_control_panel.gifIf you have a message code on the control panel of your spa, such as the one shown at right, follow the steps below.

Note: The message troubleshooting shown here applies to Cal Spa control panels built in 2013 and earlier. Beginning with the 2014 product line, Cal Spa control panels display different message codes. For a description of these message codes, see the owner’s manual. 

Problem Messages
(Requires action)

Information Messages
(No action required)

Operation Modes

Reminder Messages

No message on control panel temp-unknown.gif Ecn.gif rPH.gif

temp-not-current.gif SLP.gif rSA.gif
dY.gif temp-unknown-F.gif Std.gif rCL.gif

Pr.gif Sby.gif rtg.gif


















Problem Messages



Action Required

Insufficient water detected in heater. Spa will be shut down for 15 minutes. Check water level in spa. Refill if necessary. Make sure pumps are been primed and filter cartridges are clean. Press any button to reset or wait 15 minutes and spa will automatically reset. If message spa does not reset, call customer service.
drY.gifspacer.gifdY.gif Insufficient water detected in heater. Spa is shut down.
(Displays on third occurrence of dr message.)
Follow directions for dr message and press any button to reset spa. Spa will not automatically reset when dry or dY is displayed.
HL.gif spacer.gifHFL.gif A difference in readings between temperature sensors has been detected indicating a possible water flow problem. Make sure spa is filled to proper level and that pumps are primed and filter cartridges are clean. Press any button to reset spa. If message does not reset, call customer service.
IC.gifspacer.gifICE.gif Potential freeze condition detected. No action required. The pumps and the blower will automatically activate regardless of spa status.
LF.gif Persistent low flow problems. Heater is shut down, but other spa functions continue to run normally. Displays on the fifth occurrence of the HL or HFL message within 24 hours. Follow action required for HL or HFL message. Heating capacity of the spa will not reset automatically. Press any button to reset.
OH.gifspacer.gifOHS.gif Overheat protection. The spa has shut down. One of the sensors has detected that the spa water is 110°F. warning.gifDO NOT ENTER THE WATER. Remove the spa cover and allow water to cool. At 107°F, the spa should automatically reset. If spa does not reset, shut off the power to the spa and call customer service.
HH.gifspacer.gifOHH.gif Overheat protection (spa is shutdown). One sensor has detected 118°F (48°C) at the heater. warning.gifDO NOT ENTER THE WATER! Remove the spa cover and allow spa to cool below 107°F (42°C).  Press any button on the topside display to reset spa.  If spa will not reset after spa has cooled, turn off power for approximately 30 seconds and then turn power back on. If display message is repeated then shut the power off to the spa and call customer service.
SF.gif Safety suction. Spa is shut down. The display will show SF when a vacuum switch closes. All functions will turn off and the system will be disabled. Check drains and filter well to make sure there are no obstructions or debris. Press any button to reset.

SnA.gif spacer.gifSnb.gif
Spa is shut down. The sensor that is plugged into the sensor “A” or “B” jack is not working. If the problem persists, call customer service. (May appear temporarily in an overheat situation and disappear when the heater cools.)
Sn.gifspacer.gifSnS.gif Sensors are out of balance.
If this is alternating with the temperature, it may just be a temporary condition.
If the display shows only this message (periodically blinking), the spa is shut down.
Call customer service.

Information Messages



Action Required

1) Water temperature is unknown.
2) Spa is in Economy or Sleep mode.
1) After pump has been running for 2 minutes temperature will be displayed.
2) In Economy or Sleep mode, the pump may be off for hours outside a filter cycle. If you wish to see the current spa temperature, either switch to Standard mode or turn Jets1 on for at least two minutes.
temp-unknown-F.gif Temperature unknown After the pump has been running for 2 minutes, the temperature will be displayed.
Pr.gif When your spa is first actuated, it will go into priming mode. The priming mode will last for up to four minutes and then the spa will begin to heat and maintain the water temperature in the Standard mode.

Operation Modes


Operation Mode

Ecn.gif Indicates heater is in Economy Mode
SLP.gif Indicates heater is in Sleep Mode
Std.gif Indicates heater is in Standard Mode
Sby.gif Indicates heater is in Stand-by Mode

Periodic Reminder Messages (applies to 9800 system only)

Press the “Mode” button to reset a displayed reminder.



Action Required

rPH.gif Every 7 days
Test and adjust pH levels
rSA.gif Every 7 days Test and adjust sanitizer levels
rCL.gif Every 30 days Remove, clean, and reinstall filter
rtg.gif Every 30 days Test and reset GFCI per manufacturer’s instructions
rdr.gif Every 90 days Drain and refill spa
rCO.gif Every 180 days Clean and condition spa cover
rtr.gif Every 180 days Treat wood panels
rCH.gif Once a year Replace the filter