Pump problems

Pump is very noisy when it runs

Possible Cause

Recommended Action


Water level may be too low

Fill the spa with water level at 4 to 6 inches from the top.


The filter cartridge may be dirty

Clean or replace the filter


The pump may have airlock

Remove airlock by priming the pump


Wall suction or skimmer may be blocked

Remove blockage by cleaning wall suction or skimmer


Gate valves are closed

Open the gate valves.

Never operate your spa with the gate valves closed!

There may be an air leak in the suction line

Contact your dealer for service


There is debris inside the pump

Contact your sealer for service


Motor is worn out or damaged

Noise may be a sign of damage or age. After you have tried all other troubleshooting, contact your dealer for service



Pump turns off during operation

Possible Cause

Recommended Action


Automatic timer has completed its cycle

Press JETS or JETS 1 button to start the cycle again


Pump has overheated due to the vents on the equipment door being blocked

Make sure the front of the spa is not blocked to allow air flow


The pump may be defective

Contact your dealer for assistance



Pump has a burning smell while running

Possible Cause

Recommended Action


Motor bearing are worn or damaged

Contact your sealer for service



Pump is not running

Possible Cause

Recommended Action


Pump has overheated

Let pump cool for an hour and try operating the spa for a shorter time


Spa power may be turned off

Restore power


GFCI breaker for the spa has tripped

Reset the breaker


Pump is in overload condition

Pump will reset automatically. If this persists, contact your dealer



Pump runs constantly — will not shut off

Possible Cause

Recommended Action


There may be a problem with the circuit board.

Contact your dealer.