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Zone Select ZS518RL

4 Person Round Spa with 18 Jets

Enjoy relaxing day spa quality massages with the ZS518RL hot tub. This round hot tub will take you away to a relaxing paradise beyond anything you’ve every dreamed of. This breathtaking “Plug & Play” hot tub combines the finest in hot tub engineering with pure elegance. Plug in your ZS518RL hot tub today and experience the world of first-class hydrotherapy you deserve.
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Zone Select ZS522L

3 Person Lounger Spa with 22 Jets

The Z522L is the ideal spa for couples and empty nesters. Its two contoured seats make this spa the perfect conversation spot as two soakers are able to sit across from each other and enjoy each other’s company. The Z522L spa features a convenient low cabinet height for easy access in and out of the spa. A private soaker can also take advantage of the full-length lounger, which cradles the natural curves of the body and targets key stress areas with its relaxing massage therapy jets – perfect for relieving joint and arthritis pain! Best of all, you will find peace of mind knowing that the spa water is clean and pure with the exclusive Bio-Clean™ filter.
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Zone Select ZS536L

3 Person Spa with 36 Jets

The ZS536L spa provides the ultimate in intimate and private spa relaxation. This unique 3-person spa is especially designed with YOU in mind. Turn everyday bathing into a spa ritual with the ZS536L exclusive and revolutionary hydrotherapy options. This custom tailored hydrotherapy design is patterned to provide you with a wide range of massage options, including deep comfortable seats that allow you to be fully immersed and target especially stress-prone areas such as the neck and shoulders. Make everyday a spa day with the ZS536L spa today!
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Zone Select ZS628T

2 Person Triangle Spa with 28 Jets

When space is a consideration, a small hot tub will best suit your needs and budget. Fortunately, at Cal Spas, smaller doesn’t mean it can’t be as powerful as any other spa. In the Z628T triangle spa, twenty-eight hydrotherapy jets are generously split between two contoured seats with molded armrests. Both seats are equipped with comfortable headrests for ultimate relaxation. If you are looking to rekindle a romance with that special someone, then you will appreciate the intimate design and feel of the Z628T hot tub. Take relaxation to the next level with the Z628T today!
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Zone Select ZS630L

6′ Lounger Spa with 30 Jets

Turn your backyard in the ultimate entertainment destination with the Z630L spa. With contoured seats and 30 massage therapy jets, you and your guests will experience relaxation beyond anything you have ever dreamed of before. If you seeking a spa for solo hydrotherapy sessions, then you will love the full-length lounger seat with dedicated massage therapy jets that target stress-prone areas. Experience unmatched hydrotherapy with the Z630L today!
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Zone Select ZS630B

6′ Bench Spa with 30 Jets

Turn you backyard in the ultimate family resort with the Z630B bench spa. With seating for up to 4 adults and contoured bench seating, the Z630B offers the ultimate hydrotherapy experience for you and your loved ones. The Z630B features a spacious footwell and 30 relaxing massage therapy jets that deliver day spa quality massage options. Experience the world of ultimate relaxation with the Z630B today!
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