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Thank you for your interest in employment at Cal Spas. Cal Spas provides equal employment opportunity to all applicants without regard to age, race, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, disability, mental or physical handicap, sexual orientation or any other basis protected by law. You are encouraged to apply for any position for which you feel qualified.

See our current open positions below:

Product Development Engineer ($60k - $70k per annual)

(POSTED: April 22, 2019 - OPEN) We are seeking a highly motivated individual with 10 to 20 years of engineering experience. The ideal candidate must have the following strengths, product design and development, 3D modeling, strong technical skills, safety agencies knowledge (UL, ETL, CSA, CE). CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE or email us your resume at

Product Manufacturing Engineer - Spas ($50k - $60k per annual)

(POSTED: April 16, 2019 - OPEN) We are seeking a highly motivated individual with minimum 5 years manufacturing engineering experience with a high degree of knowledge, at a hands-on level, of manufacturing processes within a consumer products fabrication and assembly business sector.CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE or email us your resume at

General Labor - First Shift - Manufacturing (up to $13.50 per hour)

(POSTED: April 1, 2019 - OPEN) We are seeking several people to fill key entry level, general labor positions like -- drilling, fiberglass rollers, installers, finishers, frame builders. Experience is a plus but not required, we are willing to train the right individual who will stay and grow with us. What you need to bring is a positive attitude, stay-busy demeanor, good attendance and safety-oriented work ethic and can work in a fast pace environment in a production line.CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE or email us your resume at

Sr Software Development Manager

(POSTED: April 1, 2019 - OPEN) The Developer’s role is to build and enhance programs to support operations business needs. This includes designing, developing and implementing new programs; integrating with back end applications and performing day-to-day administration of the organization’s IT business systems. Use of a variety of programs and development tools is required.CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE or email us your resume at

Inside Sales Representative ($16 to $20 per hour)

(POSTED: April 1, 2019 - OPEN) The Inside Sales Representative must be proactive and energetic in building their assigned regions. Must be sales and goal oriented and have the ability to meet and exceed sales goals. Exhibits exceptional verbal and written communication skills and possess a strong work ethic. The Inside Sales Representative must also have superb organizational and time management skills. Identify new business opportunities and maximize revenue by fielding incoming calls, generating new leads, following up on existing prospects and supporting assigned Regional Sales Managers, where applicable.CLICK HERE TO APPLY ONLINE or email us your resume at


Everything You Need to Know About Keeping Your Spa Water Fresh

Do you want to protect your investment into your brand new spa? A couple simple steps on a set schedule can keep your investment lasting long, looking good, and keep you feeling relaxed with every use. The Basics (Routine Maintenance) There are a couple simple things to keep an eye on in order to keep your spa optimal for regular use. First off, the most important thing is to use your basic senses. Does your water look clear? Does it smell funny? Does the water feel clean? If you notice anything out of the ordinary about your water, you may need to stay on top of your routine maintenance for your spa. If you notice any leaves or large debris in your water, use a skimmer to scoop up anything you can see. If you notice any smells or scale floating in the water, continue in the article to find out how to remedy these issues. A good thing to regularly check is water chemistry. This is one of the most important things to keep track of when maintaining your spa. A couple test strips or pH test kit are a must have to make sure that your spa water is healthy. The ideal pH balance of your spa should be hovering around the 7.2-7.8 range. Any lower and your water is too acidic. Any higher and your water is too alkaline/basic. It is important to regularly check pH because any imbalance can hinder the sanitizing agents and promote bacterial growth or cause cloudy or scale buildup in the water. The chemicals needed are pretty straightforward. If your water is too acidic, add an alkalinity increasing agent to lower the pH, and if your water is too alkaline/basic add proper acid agents to raise the pH. offers all the chemical test equipment you need! Chlorine Test Strips Bromine Test Strips Filter Cleaning (Once every two weeks) Once your pH balances are in check, but you are still noticing issues with your water flow and filter efficiency, it may be time to take a look at your filter. A good rule of thumb is to remove and clean your filter bi-weekly to ensure minimal blockages and maximize the life of your filter. A simple cleaning can be done with a soft brush and hose to dig out any large particles and clear the filter for better flow. Filter Deep Clean (~3 Months) A deep filter clean is great to pair with a routine water replacement for your spa. Quarterly, you should drain and refill the water in your hot tub. While you do this it is a good idea to do a thorough cleaning of your filter. Instead of just rinsing the filter out with water, we recommend soaking the filter overnight in cleaning agents to maximize filter health. Always be sure to do a final water rinse and dry of the filter before re-installation. Replacement (Annually) With regular spa use, it is recommended to do a full filter replacement annually. After regular cleaning, the filter media beings to break down over time. Annually a full replacement is recommended to ensure a long life for all other parts of the spa. Nothing can substitute a brand new filter, and it will feel as if your spa has been completely revived. The water will be cleaner and will flow better overall. Buy a new filter at today!