Cal Spas Launches New Ultraviolet Light Purifying System
Leading Hot Tub Manufacturer introduces PureCure™ to industry

Los Angeles, CA—(April 24, 2012) Cal Spas, the world leader in luxury Home Resort products, is pleased to announce the launch of its new ultraviolet light purifying system, PureCure™.

The PureCure™ Purifying System is an eco-friendly water clarity system that successfully purifies water by using the power of natural ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria, algae and viruses often associated with traditional ozone and water clarity systems. PureCure™ results in smooth, silky spa water that leaves bathers feeling clean and fresh. This exclusive ultraviolet light purifying system effectively destroys microorganisms without off-gassing or releasing harmful chemicals into the air or onto the skin.

Leading Hot Tub Manufacturer introduces PureCure™ to industry“At Cal Spas, we are focused on offering innovative products that are good for you and the environment,” said Casey Loyd, President of Cal Spas. “Due to the rising demand for eco-friendly consumer products, we felt it was necessary to launch PureCure™ in order to satisfy the market of consumers seeking outdoor products that are less harmful to the environment. PureCure™ brings us one step closer to offering a wide range of products for every home and lifestyle.”

The PureCure™ Purifying System is now available on Cal Spas hot tubs as an upgraded feature. There is no installation or programming required for this unique purifying system that is proven to enhance the overall spa experience for consumers.

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