Pump Problems

Pump Problems Pump Problems Pump Problems

Pump problems

Pump is very noisy when it runs

Possible Cause

  1. Water level may be too low
  2. The filter cartridge may be dirty
  3. The pump may have airlock
  4. Wall suction or skimmer may be blocked
  5. Gate valves are closed
  6. There is debris inside the pump
  7. Motor is worn out or damaged

Never operate your spa with the gate valves closed!

Recommended Action

  1. Fill the spa with water level at 4 to 6 inches from the top.
  2. Clean or replace the filter
  3. Remove airlock by priming the pump
  4. Remove blockage by cleaning wall suction or skimmer
  5. Open the gate valves.
  6. Contact your dealer for service
  7. Contact your sealer for service
  8. Noise may be a sign of damage or age. After you have tried all other troubleshooting, contact your dealer for service

Pump is very noisy when it runs

Possible Cause

  1. Automatic timer has completed its cycle
  2. Pump has overheated due to the vents on the equipment door being blocked
  3. The pump may be defective
  4. Wall suction or skimmer may be blocked

Recommended Action

  1. Press JETS or JETS 1 button to start the cycle again
  2. Make sure the front of the spa is not blocked to allow air flow
  3. Contact your dealer for assistance

Pump has a burning smell while running

Possible Cause

  1. Motor bearing are worn or damaged

Recommended Action

  1. Contact your sealer for service

Pump is not running

Possible Cause

  1. Pump has overheated
  2. Power may be turned off
  3. GFCI breaker for the spa has tripped
  4. Pump is in overload condition

Recommended Action

  1. Let pump cool for an hour and try operating the spa for a shorter time Spa.
  2. Restore power
  3. Reset the breaker
  4. Pump will reset automatically. If this persists, contact your dealer

Pump runs constantly — will not shut off

Possible Cause

  1. There may be a problem with the circuit board.

Recommended Action

  1. Contact your dealer.


Exercise In Your Cal Spas Fitness Swim Spa | A Healthy Habit

Learn what is included in the Cal Spas Exercise Kit and proper ways to connect the kit to your Cal Spas Swim Spa. Learn as much information as you can to make you comfortable and at ease when exercising in your swim spa.

The information below will be helpful when it comes to understanding the Fitness Equipment in a Cal Spas Swim Spa… Check it out!

For 12ft to 14ft spas The exercise kit contains:
• Two hand grips
• Two ankle braces
• Two 6in elastic bands
• Two 18in elastic bands
• Two 25in elastic bands
• Two rowing bars

For 16ft and 17ft spas. The exercise kit contains:
• Two hand grips
• Two ankle braces
• Two 18in elastic bands
• Two 25in elastic bands
• Two 56in elastic bands
• Two rowing bars

Connecting the Exercise Equipment:
The drawings below show different ways the exercise kit can be connected depending on the exercises you wish to do.

Swim Tether:
The swim tether pole has three pieces and assembles easily. Slide the ends of the top and middle sections into the middle and bottom sections. Insert the tether in the anchor hole when you are ready to use it. Buckle the strap around your waist. It is easily adjustable and can accommodate most sizes.

Tru Blue™ Vacuum Safety Break: Cal Spas engineers place the safety of bathers at the highest priority. Our lifesaving Tru Blue™ Vacuum Safety Break feature prevents entrapment by automatically reducing water flow in the event of an obstruction. It’s a unique safety feature that Cal Spas is proud to standard across our entire spa and tub product line.

Air Injection System:
Air venturis are the 1in knobs located around the top of your spa. Each one will let you add a mixture of air with the jet pressure. This is accomplished by rotating the air venturi knob to the left (counterclockwise) to increase the amount of airflow through the jets. To decrease the amount of airflow through the jets, rotate the handle to the right (clockwise). Use the control panel to start and stop the Air Injection System. The JET 1 and JET 2 buttons control the top and bottom jets. Use the air venturi valves to inject air in the water streams for even more power.

Eliminator™ Power Frame Pump: This high-performance pump efficiently circulates and filters your spa’s relaxing waters on low speed while delivering unmatched performance and durability on high speed. It’s just one of the ways Cal Spas delivers both relaxing comfort and tough love to whatever ails you.

Cal Spas Fitness Swim Spas give you the ability to exercise in your own private, welcoming aquatic space. Build muscle, lose weight and be more fit the way passionate swimmers do. Drop excess weight and transform your body into the best shape of your life. Experience post-fitness aquatic recovery that helps your muscles recover faster. Exercise with proper joint support thanks to water buoyancy and enjoy the convenience to work out whenever you want from your patio or backyard. Gain complete freedom from noisy, unsanitary, and crowded gyms. Giving you limitless options to get fit in an entertaining and fun way.