Experience First-Class Hydrotherapy

Exclusive Hi-Light™ LED Jets

This optional light feature enhances jets with bright LED lighting which can be programmed to alternate among seven colors on two color modes or shine on a particular hue with on/off functionality.

SwimJet Propulsion System I™


SwimJet Propulsion System II™


SwimJet Propulsion syStem III™

(F1640 and F1770) These adjustable SwimJet Propulsion System offer swimmers various levels of resistance swimming. When the jet nozzle is directed downward, the swimmer will experience a decreased level of resistance. If the jet nozzle is directed upward, the swimmer’s resistance will dramatically increase.

JetSTream Stabilization System™ for Swimmers (F1770)

The exclusive Jetstream Stabilization System™ featured in our F1770 fitness spa uses water pressure to help keep swimmers in place as they swim against the powerful underwater current generated by the spa’s main swim jets.