If you are experiencing a problem with your spa, before you call Customer Service, you may be able to resolve it yourself by following these troubleshooting steps.

There are many problems spa owners can identify and resolve themselves. This troubleshooting guide will help you with many common problems and may save you a service call. We don’t expect spa owners to be technicians, so everything contained in this guide is non-technical and does not involve tools. You will never be asked to do something that will void your warranty. You may not be able to resolve every problem your spa may have. When that happens, you will be advised to call for service.

If your spa is under warranty, you must have all service performed by a qualified spa service tech or you will void your warranty.

Message on the control panel

  • Problems starting up

  • Breaker keeps shutting off

  • Pump won’t prime

  • Note: The priming procedure described here applies to Cal Spas built in 2013 and earlier. Beginning with the 2014 product line, Cal Spas pumps have a different method of priming. See the 2014 owner’s manual for a full description.

    Water quality problems

    Before you make repairs to your spa, check that it’s still under warranty. If it is, and it’s a part that’s covered by the warranty, you should call your spa dealer to schedule service.

    Some parts are not covered under the warranty, particuarly wearable parts such as jet inserts and lights. For more information on what parts are covered by the warranty, refer to the spa warranties page on this site.