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The Cal Spas Swim-Pro™ F-1325 Swim Spa features bench seating to allow for a higher seating capacity without interference of the “fitness area” for an explosive workout without limitations.

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Your hot tub is more than just a place to relax. It can be used to create lasting memories or for health and fitness. Check out our official video gallery and discover what you can do with your new spa.

Workout with Raymond Daniels

Whether you’re a tri-athlete in training or just want to unlock a slimmer, fitter you, Raymond Daniels will show you how to put your swim spa to the test. Gain exclusive access to videos and more by signing up today.



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Spa Filters

It is important to clean your spa filter cartridge with every water change and replace them annually to protect your hot tub’s equipment warranty and reduce unnecessary service calls. Keeping spare filters on hand offer continuous enjoyment of your spa while cleaning older filters.

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Spa Covers

In order to maintain the water temperature of your spa, and ultimately lower your electricity bill, a good spa cover is a must have. Our spa covers are 100% marine-grade with a vinyl top and offer protection against harmful UV rays to prevent cracking, splitting and fading.

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Hot Tub Accessories

Cal Spas offers hot tub & spa accessories including spa steps, tables, thermometers and cleaning accessories to enhance your hot tub experience. Shop our sister site, Quick Spa Parts for sales and discounts.

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