Pure Cure™

Water Sanitation System

The PureCure™ Purifying System

Introducing the PureCure™ Purifying System is an innovative water clarity system that successfully purifies water by using the power of ultraviolet light to kill the bacteria, algae and viruses often associated with traditional ozone and water clarity systems.

The PureCure™ Purifying System results in smooth, silky spa water that will leave you and your skin feeling, younger, cleaner and fresher.

The Benefits of the PureCure™ Purifying System Include:


  • Kills 99.9% of germs

  • Effective, Reliable and Effortless!

  • Results in smooth, silky spa water that leaves your skin feeling clean and fresh!

  • Natural ultraviolet light

  • No odors

  • Easy maintenance - only an annual bulb replacement is needed!

  • Reduces scum lines

  • Purifies without off-gassing or releasing chemicals into the air.

  • Clean, Refreshing Soak Every time…
Pure Cure System Water Sanitizer
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