Gen II Spas

The GEN-II Collection from Cal Spas combines classic design, cutting-edge technology, and value while delivering a total body hydrotherapy experience. Take outdoor living to a whole new level of comfort in the privacy of your own home. Designed to exceed expectations, Cal Spas™ uses a patented 7-layer laminate system, known as Fibersteel™ Construction, and sets the bar with strict standards in efficiency, insulation and filtration resulting in better spa performance, better water circulation, cleaner water, and lower energy bills.

Gen II Spas GII 511R

5' Bench spa with 11 Jets

Gen II Spas GII 628T

6' Triangle spa with 28 Jets

Gen II Spas GII 630L

6' Lounger spa with 30 Jets

Gen II Spas GII 730L

7' Lounger spa with 30 Jets

Gen II Spas GII 730B

7' Bench spa with 30 Jets