Dually Spas

The new Dually™ Spas are an impressive line of energy efficient luxury spas, designed to relax your mind and body while using less energy than the average hot tub. The difference is the revolutionary Dually™ Pump which is hands down the most cutting edge system available. It uses 50% less energy and circulates 100% of spa water throughout the entire spa for the duration of each filtration cycle. You will enjoy a soothing hydrotherapy massage from head to toe with strategically placed jets to target various muscle groups in your body affected by stress and hard work. Let Cal Spas new Dually™ Spas take you to a place of calm and tranquility.

Dually Spas D731B

7' Bench Spa with 31 Jets

Dually Spas D731L

7' Lounger Spa with 31 Jets

Dually Spas ECO 736B

7' Bench Spa with 36 Jets

Dually Spas ECO 736L

7' Lounger Spa with 36 Jets

Dually Spas D750B

7' Bench Spa with 50 Jets

Dually Spas D750L

7' Lounger Spa with 50 Jets