Escape Spas

Hydrotherapy is a personal experience. Escape™ Spas are designed to suit your daily hot tub preferences - enjoy a vigorous massage today and a soothing massage tomorrow. Adjustable controls and innovative feature options immediately deliver the level of therapy that will exceed your expectations. Our technically advanced system combines maximum performance from the pumps, the exclusive PureHeat™ Heating System and exclusive new black Candy Cane™ Jets to give you the best water massage. Experience ultimate benefits with the optimized features of an Escape™ Spa. You are in control.

Escape Spas E-751L

7' Lounger with 58 Jets

Escape Spas E-751B

7' Bench with 58 Jets

Escape Spas E700DL

7' Double Lounger Spa with 54 Jets

Escape Spas E800L

8' Lounger Spa with 51 Jets

Escape Spas E-864L

8' Lounger with 64 Jets

Escape Spas E-864B

8' Bench with 64 Jets

Escape Spas E-947E

9' Spa with 47 Jets

Escape Spas E-948L

6 Person Spa with 70 Jets