Priming the Pump

Note: This information can also be found in your owner’s manual.

New spa owners often have difficulty the first time they start their
spa and the pump fails to prime. This can be frustrating, but these
simple instructions can help you.

airdamagepump.gifSometimes air can become trapped
in the pump while filling the spa. You
will know this has happened when after you have filled and started the
spa, the pump does not seem to function. You will hear the pump
operating, but no water will be moving.

Note: The priming procedure described here applies to Cal Spas built
in 2013 and earlier. Beginning with the 2014 product line, Cal Spas
pumps have a different method of priming. See the 2014
owner’s manual
for a full description.

There are two
methods of priming the pump.

Using the control panel:

  1. Turn the spa on and wait for PR (Priming
    Mode) to appear on
    the topside display.
  2. Press the JETS button to turn on the pump
    and let it run
    for 10 seconds. The pump should be running in low speed.
  3. Press the JETS buttons again and let the
    pump run in high
    speed for 10 seconds.
  4. Press the JETS button again to turn off the
    pump. The pump
    should be left in the off position for 10 to 15 seconds.

Repeat steps 1 through 4 until water is flowing through
all the jets
and all air is removed from the plumbing.

Note: If you press the Temp button any time during
Priming Mode, it
will exit that mode and begin Standard Mode.

Using the bleeder valve:

  1. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the front panel from
    the spa and
    locate the pump.
  2. Shut off the power to the spa.
  3. Close the gate valve on the discharge side of the pump.
  4. Turn the bleeder valve counter clockwise with a small pair
    of pliers or
    a flat head screwdriver until the air has been released from the pump.
  5. If this is unsuccessful, loosen the white union nut on side
    of the pump
    with channel locks.  When air is bled out, tighten the nut.
  6. Turn on power to the spa and press the JETS button. If
    there is still
    air trapped in the pump, repeat steps 2 through 5 until the pump primes.