Symptom: Spa uses too much power (very high power bills)

The cost of operating a spa depends on several things, including how
often you use it, how may people use it, and the time of year. While
new spa owners will see an increase in their power bill after their
first month of ownership, they can control this cost by taking a few
things into consideration.

Is the spa covered when not being used?

If the cover is left off the spa, the heater will continue to heat the
water but most of the heat will escape. This could result in extremely
high electric bills. Always make sure your spa is covered when not in

Is there any other appliances installed at the same time as the spa?

Other appliances can draw a lot of electricity at the same time as the
spa. The spa is very energy efficient and should not cause a large rise
in electric bills.
In most cases, when carefully investigated, there is always another
cause for large electric bills.

What time of the year is it?

Sometimes, weather plays a factor in the electric cost. Common sense
dictates that it is going to cost more to operate a spa if it’s cold
outside with the wind blowing versus hot outside with no wind. Always
keep the spa covered when not in use, and if you live in a very cold
region, switch to a deluxe cover for additional energy savings. Cal Spa
Basic and Standard covers are filled with 1 lb. foam and 1½ lb. foam
respectively. Our Deluxe covers are filled with 2 lb. foam and will
provide better insulation. Replacement covers can be found at www.quickspaparts.com.

What temperature do you run your spa at?

The higher the operating temperature of the spa, the more electricity
it will use to stay warm. Try turning the spa down when you are not
using it, especially if you are not using the spa every day.

How much filtration time do you have on your spa?

If you don’t need extra filtration time on your spa, there is no reason
to pay for the pumps to run. Adjust the filtration time down based on
your usage.