Symptom: Breaker keeps shutting off


Shock hazard!
Do not open the control box. These instructions contain only basic guidance for this problem. Anything beyond the scope of these instructions should be performed by a qualified spa technician or an electrician.

Spas should always have their own dedicated electrical service and should never share a circuit with other devices.

  • 220V spas are hard-wired to an electrical service with its own GFCI breaker. If for some reason your spa shares a circuit with another device, call your dealer or an electrician.

  • 110V spas can be plugged into any electrical outlet, but they should never share a circuit with other devices. Make sure your 110V spa has a dedicated electrical service.

The breaker shutting off can mean many different things:

  • You may have another device on the same circuit. Unplug all other devices and reset the breaker.
  • The breaker may have too low an amperage rating for the circuit. Ask your dealer or an electrician.
  • If the breaker trips immediately after resetting it, you probably have a direct short and need to call for service. Don’t try to reset the breaker again.
  • If the breaker only shuts off during lighting or thunderstorms, static electricity may be present. Reset the breaker after the storm has passed. In storm prone areas, it is a good idea to have a whole house surge suppressor added to the incoming lines to protect against this kind of problem.
  • If this happens after the spa has been in use, there may be a small amount of water in the equipment area. Remove the front
    equipment door and give the control box time to dry (one to two hours). Replace the door and reset the breaker.
  • If the breaker continues to shut off repeatedly, it may indicate a piece of equipment is defective, such as the heater or a pump. You will need to have a spa technician identify the problem.

If the breaker continues to shut off after following these instructions, call your dealer, an electrician, or a qualified spa technician for service. Do not attempt to make repairs yourself.

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