Spa Jet Removal

Jet Removal Jet Removal Jet Removal

Jet Removal

Threaded jet inserts

Rotate the jet face counterclock until you feel some resistance. Continue to rotate the jet until it begins to unscrew from the jet body.


Replace jets by screwing them back in the jet body. When the jet face can be rotated about 1/2 turn without unscrewing the jet, it is properly in place. Do not overtighten.

Snap-in jet inserts

Rotate the jet face counterclockwise until you feel some resistance.

Continue to rotate the jet for another quarter turn. You will feel the jet snap out of position. Continue to rotate the jet as you pull it out of the jet well.


To replace jets, insert the jet in the jet well and push and rotate it clockwise until you feel it snap into position. When the jet face can be rotated freely, it is properly seated.


Own a Traditional Spa With Modern Technology | PZ-511R

The PZ-511R Patio Round Spa from Cal Spas is a 6-person Hot Tub with 11 Jets. The shape is traditional and the dimensions of the PZ-511R are 78inx36in which is big enough to move around comfortably and the perfect height to step right in. This model fits perfectly on any niche of the patio!

Modern Features Include:
• Plug N Play Cord
• Intuitive Oval Topside Control
• 5in LED Spa Light with various modes
• 5kW Titanium Heater

Originally Hot Tubs were built out of wood in the shape of a circle. Through time, the wood started creating issues and manufacturers started creating solutions. Cal Spas is an American Manufacturer that builds each spa with perfection in mind. The shell is made from high-quality Acrylic with the choice of High Gloss White or Sterling Silver. Equipped with 10 Stainless Steel Exclusive Candy Cane Jets and 1 Whirlpool Jet. The PZ-511R operates at the voltage of 110V, which means you don’t need an electrician and you can plug the spa in to begin the hydrotherapy session. Intuitively change the spa functions with the Whisper Power Unit Oval Topside Control. You are able to manage the spa’s jets and cleaning cycles with ease. Keep a clear conscience with the 50 sq. ft. Bio-Clean Teleweir Filter for 100% water clarity. Other options for water clarity are available such as Pure Silk Ozonator with Mazzie Injector and Mixing Chamber and the Hybrid Sanitizing System. The PZ-511R from Cal Spas is built for decades to come using Thermo-Shield Insulation and a Pressure Treated Cabinet Frame. The Cabinet Panels come with a Cal Spas Premium Badge and is available in the colors Mahogany, Smoke, and mist. Choose a Gray or Slate Spa cover to match.