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UL Certified - Standard of Excellence

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At Cal Spas, your safety is our number one concern. Cal Spas products are designed and tested to rigorous quality and safety standards, and are recognized by third party organizations.

Cal Spas offers you peace of mind knowing that your spa is listed with the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), a third-party organization that demands the most rigorous safety standards.

UL is an independent product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing Standards for Safety for over 118 years. In fact, UL evaluates more than 19,000 types of products, components, materials and systems from over 66,000 manufacturers each year.

UL strives to:

"Advance safety science through research and investigation"

"Promote safe living and working environments by the application of safety science and hazard-based safety engineering"

"Support the production and use of products which are physically and environmentally safe and to apply our efforts to prevent or reduce loss of life and property"

All Cal Spas hot tubs and swim spas display a UL listed mark, which means that each hot tub and swim spa has been rigorously tested and evaluated by a UL representative and concluded that they meet all UL requirements. Cal Spas Ultimate Fitness™ swim spas are the first swim spas to receive a UL listing in this category, which distinguishes Cal Spas from other swim spa manufacturers. In total, there are 34 tests conducted on each product to determine UL status. After each Cal Spas product receives the UL mark, representatives of UL are authorized to make unannounced visits to the Cal Spas factory to ensure UL requirements continue to be met. Given the high standards set by UL, we are extremely proud to display the UL mark on our products. To verify a manufacturer's UL listing you can search here.

How Cal Spas Being UL Listed Certified Benefits You:

Safety Assurance: UL certification ensures that Cal Spas products meet rigorous safety standards. Consumers can trust that the spas have undergone thorough testing for electrical, mechanical, and fire safety, minimizing the risk of accidents or hazards associated with hot tub usage.

Reliability and Quality: UL certification signifies that Cal Spas adhere to stringent manufacturing processes and quality control measures. Consumers can expect high-quality products that are durable, reliable, and built to last, providing value for their investment.

Compliance with Regulations: Many local and national regulations require electrical products like spas to have UL certification. By choosing a UL-certified Cal Spa, consumers can be confident that their purchase complies with regulatory standards, ensuring legality and peace of mind.

Insurance Coverage: Some insurance providers may require products to have UL certification for coverage in case of accidents or damages. With a UL-certified Cal Spa, consumers may benefit from simplified insurance processes and potentially lower premiums, enhancing overall affordability.

Global Recognition and Trust: UL is a globally recognized and trusted certification organization. When consumers see the UL mark on Cal Spas products, they can trust that the brand prioritizes safety and quality. This recognition fosters confidence in the brand and strengthens consumer trust.

Enhanced Peace of Mind: Ultimately, UL certified offers consumers the assurance of safety, reliability, quality, and compliance with regulations. It simplifies insurance processes, enhances brand trust, and provides invaluable peace of mind, making it a great choice for consumers seeking a high-quality and trustworthy spa experience.

Hot Tubs, Spas, Portable Spas, Swim Spas for Sale Hot Tubs, Spas, Portable Spas, Swim Spas for Sale UL Logo