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"To All Of Cal Spas:
I want to Thank You All from the bottom of my heart! First - Alex the salesperson and then Sean the Manager— Every Single Thing that they Promised On—THEY DELIVERED!!! HUGE!! Next, I worked with the Factory and Delivery. They NAILED Every Step! They Promised Me a Delivery Date and -DELIVERED!!!!! THANK YOU, MARFELLA!(SP?) The Delivery Crew was Amazing and -together with the CRANE- OUTSTANDING!! TRULY OUTSTANDING When you see the Pictures!!!

I have 2 Beautiful Boys— 3 and 4 Years Old. Once the Swimming Spa/Pool was Delivered, the Family and Boys Have Enjoyed Every Single Day—- Even Twice a Day. My Beautiful Wife has even said: If it cost $20,000 to teach our boys to swim.. ... Wouldn't it be worth it?? My unequivocal answer is YES! It Is Worth It! And we get to enjoy the rest of the beauty of this Swim Spa!!! Thank You So Much To The Entire Team!

Merry Christmas!!"
— Gustavo Zarate - CA
"I just wanted to thank you and your outstanding product. I bought my 4 person Cal Spas in Las Vegas, NV while serving in the US Air Force at Nellis AFB in 1989. Over the last 28 years of proud ownership of my 4 person hot tub, it's served me well. I have spent less than $700.00 in maintenance on my spa over the 28 years I've had it. Although the cabinet is a bit worn from the 8 or so moves, it is still in one piece. It is still going strong and I believe it will bring yet many more years of service. When it does finally quit, I will definitely buy another Cal Spas product!!!"
— Carl Fantz - Kansas City, MO
“Just wanted to let someone know how happy we have been with our hot tub. We have owned a 22 year old, old school air switch controlled hot tub for 20 years. The Ozonator packed it in the first year but the hot tub has been between 95-104 degrees for 20 years with the original motor, spa pack, and heat element. Thanks!”
— Paul Townsend -
"I am very impressed by the retail website and how responsive it is as far as user experience. It is very well designed and easy to navigate for myself and other customers as well. I love how simple it is to use and find information. Most spa websites are poorly made and don't function well for mobile or feature search optimization so I was very impressed by Cal Spas. Much of my marketing is through SEO so it's great having a brand that clearly knows its way around technology."
— Chet Lockwood - The Hot Tub Wherehouse
"There is high demand for Swim Spas like the Commander. Cal Spas seem to be always selling well and wanted by customers and buyers. It's pretty obvious why since Cal Spas has been in business forever."
— Tom Verduzco - Backyard Spa & Leisure
"I love the Cal Spas Customer Service. It's never failed me before. It's great being able to get fast and reliable customer support when you have a problem. Working with Karen is great and she really comes through for us whenever there is an issue that needs to be taken care of. I'm always happy to speak to Customer Care and they help me out quickly. I've never had a problem with Cal Spas Customer Support so it's always a relief doing business with a company that has that level of support where you don't have to worry if things go wrong or there's a problem."
— David O'Donnell - Spa Store of Plymouth
"Cal Spas are much more customizable than Bull Frog. There are just so many more options that you'll need to look at and that Cal Spas offers. I have to say also that Cal Spas hot tubs look a lot nicer."
— Adam Bath - Adam's Independent Pool
"We like the color options and variety of spas. Cal Spas has a large range of spas to choose from. It allows customers to get the spa that's right for them. It's really about the customers at the end of the day so we need to make sure that they have a big menu of things to choose from and get what they want. It's hard to sell to customers when there just aren't a lot of options and choices to pick from but Cal Spas doesn't have that problem."
— Harry Huff - Backyard Spa & Pool Essentials
"It's really the price points for one. I really like those at Cal Spas and there is a wide variety of models that lets you go from inexpensive to expensive. The quality is good too from bottom to top. Whether you get an Escape or Escape Platinum the quality is just as good. Cal Spas really takes the time to find out what their buyers really want."
— Max Holtrop - Dutchman Hot Tubs
"What I like most about Cal Spas are the Swim Spas. They really look amazing and I think they will sell well. The variable speed technology is interesting too and something I haven't seen before. I also like how each Swim Spa has set programs for swimmers to use and get in a great workout. There's a lot going on with these Cal Spas hot tubs and I think it's great."
— David Lessing - Spas Unlimited of Houston
"We're here because Cal Spas is made in the USA. American Manufacturing is very important to us because we are a proud family of soldiers and want to support a brand that is made in America. That's why we are here today."
— Ken Schneider - American Sales LLC
"We really like Cal Spas for their price points and warranty policy. Each Cal Spas hot tub also has a great curb appeal. They just look great and are really beautifully made. I really feel like each Cal Spas hot tub looks like a million bucks but of course sells for a lot less."
— Chad Perry - Spa Brokers
"I really like the Swim Spas. They look very advanced and very exciting. I think Cal Spas has a great brand name with good products and excellent price points. Cal Spas delivers on what they say and the 5 day shipping policy is just fabulous. Here at the dealer summit there is a very positive atmosphere. We know that Cal Spas wants to help us so that they can help themselves but of course by helping us we in turn help them out too. We're doing it for each other. I'm really happy to be here."
— Bruce Spangrud - Galaxy Outdoor
"Cal Spas are just not represented well in our area but we hope to change that and offer these great hot tubs. They are very high quality and are offered at a good price. I like that they feature a lot of available options. Overall they just look incredibly good."
— Chris Richards - My Guy Hot Tub Service & Repairs
"I really like Cal Spas' price points. What most attracted me to come out here today was that Cal Spas could fill in the gap with what we already have on our showroom floor. These are very nice spas."
— Danielle Praver - Innovative Spas
I really love Cal Spas' different prices points that allow us to sell to a range of customers. Speaking of range, we love how there are a lot of color options offered by Cal Spas. There's so many that it's hard to choose from which you like the most.
— Ruth Reyna - Backyard Spa & Leisure
"The effective Sales Team is what caused me to come out here. I hopped on a plane and came out here to see all the spas and what it is all about. It's been great so far and I'm glad Jonathan convinced me to come out here and see the dealer summit."
— Dennis Barraza - The Hot Tub Factory Outlet
"Cal Spas are reliable and don't break. They aren't worn down or something that gets a lot of complaints unlike other spa brands and companies. They look beautiful too so that's always nice."
— Jackie Reimann - Recreation Unlimited
"I've been a spa dealer for 12 years and I love being able to sell Cal Spas. Cal Spas was actually the very first spa that I sold. They really do sell quite well and it really does well for customers compared to other spas that don't sell as well. I never get called out to service Cal Spas because they are so reliable and work so great. It's just a fantastic brand and product that really sells itself and I'm happy to be here."
— Max Holtrop - Dutchman Spa Sales & Service
"I've been with Cal Spas for years. They have a great product that features good price points. The customer service is top notch also and is incredibly reliable. You guys have reliable support and I'm happy to have been with Cal Spas for years."
— Erick Johnson - California Spa & BBQ
"People enjoy the variety and options they can get with Cal Spas on our floor. We love being able to show different molds and colors. The variety of different spas is the best."
— Candi Huff - Backyard Spa & Pool Essentials
"Cal Spas is very forward thinking in their design. You are really giving the client what they want without the customer knowing it's what they want. There is plenty of space in each spa particularly in the foot well of each spa where it counts. You are really all about giving customers what they want even if the customer doesn't think it's a feature they would actually need."
— Adam Bath - Adam's Independent Pool
"Cal Spas does great things with great products and staff. Thanks Cal Spas."
— Ruben Navarro Junior - Arizona Spa Technology
" I just wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate how you back up your product. I am not a dealer, I am a fledgling mobile pool and spa repair company with 20 years experience in the pool and spa industry. I have two of your 04 tubs sitting next to my garage in the process of rehab. When I needed specific cal spa parts for these models, your support staff was quick to pull up the serials and list the part numbers for me, then forward me to your quick parts department to order direct. Try that with Sundance and you get the exact opposite response and no support as a non dealer while working on their product (another on site spa rehab I am on). Their parts are proprietary, expensive, and hard to find. Your dedication to help not only us professionals but the spa owners themselves keep your product in good repair and functioning is noticed. Non-proprietary control packs and pumps that are easy to retrofit with new is something I notice. You build solid, easy to use and easy repair spas which has me considering applying for a Cal Spas dealership just as soon as my little company becomes a full scale brick and mortar operation. Again, Thank you!"
— Benjamin Chandler - North Cascade Pools Winthrop, Washington
"Cal Spas is by far the best hot tub. A few of my friends have other brands and I don't have any of the issues they have. They have problems with water, broken pumps and heaters, things I don't have to deal with. I have a Connect 750B and love it. It hasn't ever missed a beet or had any problems. I would strongly recommend only buying this brand if you want years of reliability and comfort. Hope this helps..."
— D Sandler - Portland, OR
" My family and I love our Cal Spa. It was an excellent value for all of us. It seems like we can take a vacation any time we want in our own back patio. It is a wonderful way to relax, relieve stress and enjoy each others company."
— Lori Bell - Valley City, OH
" I've had a Cal Spas hot tub for the past 4 years and it is great, we had some great times in our tub, there is nothing better than coming home after a hard days work than getting a relaxing massage in my hot tub. I would recommend a Cal Spas hot tub to everyone. It's a must have in these stressful times."
— Julissa Thomas - Redlands, CA
"Just bought my first spa and I can’t wait to start enjoying it. The sales person was welcoming and friendly when I went to the store and they were patient and answered all of my questions. I know we are going to enjoy this spa for many years."
— Julissa Thomas - Idaho
"My husband and I have wanted a hot tub since we moved last year from a small condo to our home with a backyard. After doing our own research online, we had a lot of questions. I called Cal Spas directly and spoke with Jonathan. He asked me a lot of questions which helped narrow down our 3 spa choices to 1. Then he spoke with me at length about the spa's standard features and available options to customize this big ticket 'investment' for our family. I made a few follow-up calls with him; he promptly returned my messages. He also gave me information on a limited-time offer that would save me a good amount of money at my local dealer. We've been enjoying our new spa since earlier this year. Thanks to Jonathan for all of your help!"
— Theary C - Long Beach, CA
"I had some issues with my Cal Spas jets and contacted customer service. They were nice and attentive to the problem. Everything was taken care of and now I am enjoying my spa again. Thanks Cal Spas."
— Katy Tendum - Jackson, MS
"Dear Cal Spas,
First, thank you for the very fast service on this order, the items arrived much quicker than expected. I have replaced the pump/motor combo and also replaced the auxiliary control panel. The only hitch was that the small plastic adapter broke off when removing the old pump... in the future you may want to consider including one with the new pump, as this part has to be removed from the old and installed on the new pump. A trip to Home Depot located a replacement part that works fine.
After a good cleaning and with new filters, the spa came up just fine….like new! The new pump is so much quieter than the original you barely hear it once the covers are put back on the shell.
Last night we rediscovered our appreciation for our Cal Spa…..and wanted to thank you for building a quality product that is easily serviced and also your fast handling of our parts order.
You are a quality outfit!"
— Dan Burch - Dan Burch Flower Mound, TX
"Dear Cal Spas,
I saw the show tonight, and I thought that it was very cool that you helped those guys out by giving them a spa to complete the project. I imagine that those units aren't cheap, and giving one out to people who've been taken advantage of is a great thing to do, even if part of the motivation to do is promotional.
Good job!"
"I've been shopping for a new spa and I did all of my research and finally decided on 2 brands.  My decision was made when I actually went to a store and saw the brands and I was sold hands down on the Cal Spa Connect 750.  It was in my price range and it looked great.  We are really happy with our purchase."
— Karen Little - Maryland Heights, MO
"I had a few problems with my jets on my Cal Spa and call customer support to get help and they were the best.  It was easy to order the replacement parts and did not cost a lot of money.  My spa is working wonderful again and I couldn’t be happier."
— Tina Walters - Long Beach, CA