Pro Trainer™

Turns a Beginner into a Pro.

Cal Spas Pro-Trainer™ Cal Spas Pro-Trainer™ Turns a Beginner into a Pro Cal Spas Pro-Trainer™

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Pro Trainer™

Normal swim spas provide a consistent current through independent swim jets. However, the Cal Spas Pro Trainer™ allows swimmers to adjust all the jets simultaneously. 6 different speeds of equally balanced swim current allows for a gentle low resistance aquatic workout all the way up to an aggressive swim.

Using the Color Smart Control, swimmers can adjust the swim resistance up and down to find the perfect water flow for their workout. The Pro Trainer™ is also equipped with a “Swim Pro Workout” button, which allows swimmers to experience variant training. When the swimmer pushes the button, it automatically increases and decreases the swim resistance to provide the perfect workout.

The Pro Trainer™ provides the perfect swim spa for all swimmers whether a beginner or pro. Its sleek design, custom features and pricing are unmatched in the industry.