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HOT TUB Panel maintenance

This applies to the three types of panels that are available for Cal Spa hot tubs:

  • Cal Preferred™ standard panels.
  • Cal Stone™ rock textured panels.
  • Hercules™ polyurethane panels.

All cabinet panels are highly-durable, completely maintenance free, weather resistant, and flame retardant. They will maintain their rich color for the years to come with the UV light inhibitors that are integrated into the cabinet's construction.

Panels do not require much maintenance other than washing them periodically with a mild detergent and a sponge to keep them clean. You can spray off light dust and debris with a garden hose.

Spa panels are made of synthetic material, not wood, which means they do not need treatment to prevent discoloration. Normal wear and weathering to the finish will occur over time and are not considered defects.