Calspas hot tub being used in a family setting


Hot Tub Vacation care

You can leave your spa unattended for up to two weeks if you follow these instructions.

  1. Set the spa to Sleep Mode. (See your owner's manual for changing modes.)
  2. Adjust the pH. See instructions on water quality.
  3. Shock the water (add either chlorine or bromine sanitizer).See instructions on shocking the water.
  4. When you return, check and adjust the pH and shock the water.
  5. If you will not be using your spa for longer than 14 days and a spa maintenance service is not available, we strongly recommend you drain or winterize your spa.

warning.gif ALWAYS lock your cover using the cover locks if you plan to be away from home and the spa  is filled with water.

Click here to learn how to drain your spa.

Click here to learn how to winterize your spa.